What I learned from the Domain of One’s Own program

I’ve really enjoyed the Domain of One’s Own program. I’ve met new colleagues from other departments outside of the College of Business, I’ve learned about the importance of having a digital identity, and I’ve learned that website design has dramatically changed over the last ten years. I used to sling code for a large IT consulting firm in a former life before I became an academic. I actually wrote html in notepad! Since taking the Domain of One’s Own classes, I’ve learned that coding a website has become much easier. If you want to change the background, menu, font of your website, just select a different theme. No need to go back into the html in notepad and make manual time-consuming updates. The hard part is designing my website hasn’t been the html coding, like it used to be, the hard part is deciding how to present my digital identity. What do I want to show on my website? My research projects, publications, conference presentations? The courses I’m teaching and my teaching philosophy? My consulting interests? The hard part is deciding which content to present and how best to present it.

I’ve just about completed my domain (except for my consulting interests) and I really like it. I took me a while to find the right theme and to figure out the google doc embedder so that I could post my CV, teaching philosophy, and research summary. I think my final task will be to add my website to my email signature and to my bio on the UMW website.

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