Principles of Accounting


Accounting is “The Language of Business”. This course is designed to introduce the student to this language.  The course is a survey laying the groundwork for further study in business administration.  This is a two-semester course (BUAD 131 and 132) and both semesters should be taken to receive a thorough and complete introduction to accounting.  This course of study could be a terminal course for those students who only want a sample of business administration. Students wishing to study accounting will pursue intermediate accounting.

As an introductory course, this course has a primary objective of introducing the student to the component parts of how accounting information is used to make business decisions.  The student will learn the uses of basic accounting data from both a manager and external user perspective.  Upon completion of the course, the student should understand the source of accounting information, how it can be interpreted, where it is presented, and its usefulness.